Upcoming Shows​​

  • May 5th 6 to 8PM

East Aurora Country Club

  • May 22nd- 2:30PM-4:30PM

 Lion & Eagle Pub, Clarence

  • May 29th - Buffalo Marathon 

Details Soon

  • June 2nd 6PM to 9PM


@Cabernets Wine Bar

  • June 11th East Aurora Music Fest

​    6PM to 7:30PM   

@Aurora Cider House 

  • June 16th - 6PM-9PM

Eagle House, Williamsville

  • June 26th - 2:30-4:30PM

Lion & Eagle Pub, Clarence

  • July 9th- 11AM to 1PM

​Lockport Community Market

  • ​July 24 - 2:30-4:30PM

Lion & Eagle Pub, Clarence

  • August 4th 7PM to 9PM

Brownies Sports Bar, NT

  • August 10th 2PM -3PM

Tennyson Court (private)

  • August 10th 4PM to 6PM

​​Lockport Community Market

  • ​August 20th 2PM 

Miata Club Picnic (private)

  • August27th 5PM to 8PM

East Aurora Country Club

  • August 28th - 2:30-4:30PM

Lion & Eagle Pub, Clarence

  • September 10 and 11- time TBD

Colden Festival, Colden NY 

  • September 25th - 2:30-4:30PM

Lion & Eagle Pub, Clarence

  • September 28th 2PM-3PM

Private Party

​Booking Now for 2022


  2022 and 2023

Public  and  Private Events

Restaurants and Bars

Yard Parties

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Dana Manzella 

Dana is a solo artist playing and singing all your favorite acoustic covers PLUS some originals. Dana enjoys connecting with and engaging her audience. Fans have described her sound as organic and artsy with a fun, cool vibe. Book her for your next party or event.  Click on " Music and Info" tab for a complete list of cover songs.  Scroll down for schedule and more.

I'm thankful to my parents my husband, my family and many friends who spur me on and  support me in every way imaginable. You will always be my biggest fans!  I am thankful to God who makes all things possible.


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YouTube- DaYna  or Peace4Hearts

InstaGram- DanaManz

Email- Danamanzmusic@aol.com

Call or Text - (716)200-2943

Past Performances:

  • The Flipside
  • Coyote Cafe- Hamburg
  • East Aurora Country Club
  • Newbury Cafe 
  • The Last Run Tavern
  • The Cave -Songwriter Showcase

  • 12 Gates Brewery
  • West Shore Brewing Co.
  • The Irishman
  • Ship N Shore
  • Live Edge Brewing Company
  • The Buffalo Marathon
  • My Dad's Market e
  • Eagle House
  • 189  Burger
  • Vizzi's Restaurant
  • Taste
  • Penny Lane Cafe
  • Granny's Boot Antiques, 
  • Miller Tennis Center, 
  • 3 Dog Cafe
  • Salon in the Tower, 
  • Milos
  • Cabernet's Cafe, 
  • DiAvolio's
  • Swiston's Beef and Keg
  • St. Peter & Paul,  
  • Brompton Heights
  • Orchard Heights,
  • Bristol Home
  • Jewish Community Center
  • Odd Fellow Rebecka, 
  • Amberleigh, 
  • Elderwood
  • Lockport Community Market
  • Cantebury Woods
    Total Aging in Place

  • Private Parties (Lots of fun ones)

Contact: Email:danamanzmusic@aol.com

Facebook: Dana Manz Music