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Dana Manzella 

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Dana is a solo artist playing and  singing all your favorite songs.  Her song selection is an eclectic mix of  acoustic covers including oldies, current tunes, folk and  originals. Fans have described her sound as organic with an authentic sound that connects straight to the heart . Dana plays solo, but can be accompanied by  other musicians if a duo or larger band is requested.


  • Friday, April 2  The Critchen 8-11PM
  • Saturday, May 22nd (Actually...Every Saturday) Cabernets Cafe 7PM
  • Saturday, June 19 Lockport Community Market 11 AM
  • Saturday, August 7th - Lockport Community Market 11 AM
  • Saturday, August 21, Miata Club Picnic (Private) 2PM
  • Sept 11 and 12 - The Colden Fest Exact time TBD
  • Saturday, October 9th Lockport Community Market 11 AM

Past Performances:

  • The Flipside
  • The Last Run Tavern
  • The Cave -Songwriter Showcase

  • 12 Gates Brewery
  • West Shore Brewing Co.
  • The Irishman
  • Ship N Shore
  • Live Edge Brewing Company
  • The Buffalo Marathon
  • My Dad's Market e
  • Eagle House
  • 189  Burger
  • Vizzi's Restaurant
  • Taste
  • Penny Lane Cafe
  • Granny's Boot Antiques, 
  • Miller Tennis Center, 
  • 3 Dog Cafe
  • Salon in the Tower, 
  • Milos
  • Cabernet's Cafe, 
  • DiAvolio's
  • Swiston's Beef and Keg
  • St. Peter & Paul,  
  • Brompton Heights
  • Orchard Heights,
  • Bristol Home
  • Jewish Community Center
  • Odd Fellow Rebecka, 
  • Amberleigh, 
  • Elderwood
  • Lockport Community Market
  • Cantebury Woods
    Total Aging in Place

  • Private Parties (Lots of fun ones)


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