"You're A Big GIrl Now "- Bob Dylan Cover (live performance)

Upcoming Shows

Dana Manzella 

Dana is a solo artist playing and  singing all your favorite songs.  Her song selection is an eclectic mix of  acoustic covers including oldies, current tunes, folk and  originals. Fans have described her sound as organic with an authentic sound that connects straight to the heart . Dana mostly plays solo, but can be accompanied by  other musicians if a duo or larger band is required.


January 10th, 8-11 THE FLIP SIDE, Strykersville NY

January 23, 7-9PM  189

Burger, East Aurora

January 26th, 1PM -3PM The Irishman,  Chili Cook off fundraiser

January 29th, 3:30 Cantebury Woods

January 30th, 9 to 12

The Irishman, Williamsville

January 31st, 1:30

Total Aging in Place

February 11, 5PM to 8PM

The Last Run Tavern

February 26, 4PM Canterbury Woods

March 18th, 4PM Canterbury Woods

April 17th 1:30Total Aging in Place

April 24th, 8-11PM

THE FLIP SIDE, Strykersville NY

May 2nd and 16th

Granny Boots Artisan Festival

May 24th, 6AM
Buffalo Marathon

May 27th, 4PM

Cantebury Woods4PM

Past Performances:

  • The Flipside
  • The Cave -Songwriter Showcase

  • 12 Gates Brewery
  • West Shore Brewing Co.
  • The Irishman
  • Ship N Shore
  • Live Edge Brewing Company
  • The Buffalo Marathon
  • My Dad's Market e
  • Eagle House
  • 189  Burger
  • Vizzi's Restaurant
  • Taste
  • Penny Lane Cafe
  • Granny's Boot Antiques, 
  • Miller Tennis Center, 
  • 3 Dog Cafe
  • Salon in the Tower, 
  • Milos
  • Cabernet's Cafe, 
  • DiAvolio's
  • Swiston's Beef and Keg
  • St. Peter & Paul,  
  • Brompton Heights
  • Orchard Heights,
  • Bristol Home
  • Jewish Community Center
  • Odd Fellow Rebecka, 
  • Amberleigh, 
  • Elderwood
  • Lockport Community Market
  • Cantebury Woods
    Total Aging in Place

  • Private Parties (Lots of fun ones)

Contact: Email:danamanzmusic@aol.com

Facebook: Dana Manz Music